Don't Forget to Say Goodbye

by LeAnna Eden

“Don’t Forget to Say Goodbye,” tells the story of two people; one choosing a grounded life and the other, a quiet departure. The ballad rings as a graceful reflection in contrast to its stark depiction of loss. It is not only a song, but a letter to a person once loved.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2018. LeAnna Eden.

LeAnna Eden
: Vocals + Guitar / Dominic Geralds Drums / Jeremy Ryan Smith Bass / Shae Wooten Bass / Leonardo Solis Rhodes and Synth / Joel Weldon Willis Guitar, Bass, Synth, + Piano | Produced and Mixed by Joel Weldon Willis | Recorded at Draper House, Umbrella Mindz Studio, + Midwood Guitar Studio | Mastered by Drew Lavyne at A.L.L. Digital Mastering